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I am Amit Vaze, the author of this unique blog. I have been on a spiritual quest since the time I started writing this blog. My quest has grown ever since in myriad ways. I have had peak spiritual experiences in the past and have had certain ups and downs as well in my life which have led me to have a different understanding of life altogether. Being from India, the land where different religions and faiths have intermixed and thrived in unison, I have had a lingering interest to study people and cultures around me to understand them at a deeper level, to study the areas in common which create a different harmony in conversations with a spiritual fervor to it. I have studied the key takeaways of all major religions and have understood that all major religions have stemmed from one Sanatana Dharma that India has given to the world. I do astrological consultations and can be reached at for a paid astrological reading.

The Relevance of Mythology in Today’s Times

खद्योतो द्योतते तावत् यावन्नोदयते शशी |

उदिते तु सहस्रांशौ क्व खद्योत: क्व चन्द्रमा: ||

Literal Meaning: A firefly glows till the moon has not risen. But once the sun has cast its light (on the horizon), where’s the firefly and where’s the moon? (Their light is so insignificant before the sun that they are purged from the picture)

Anything shorn of context loses its very meaning and existence as would the sun and the moon seem insignificant had another greater light source illuminated the earth. Context is very important as far as thorough understanding and well-rounded comprehension of a known premise is concerned. A practical person would smirk at the above statement and base his understanding on the possibility or rather impossibility of another greater light source illuminating the earth. But the real point of discussion is not this debatable statement but the impervious fact that widening of a known premise is unacceptable to an otherwise practically scientific person. The resistance is not so much due to scientific adherence as is due to a failure to recognize an imaginative possibility that surrounds the rather unpropounded statement. Imagination would be the doorway to a here-to-fore undiscovered reality that lies beyond the mist of cloudy understanding and blind reasoning. Blind reasoning on the known science keeps man away from discovering the unknown as man believes that “this is what it is”, “this is what is there to it, no more”. Thus, the path of setting up a new premise is encumbered.

The new premise that I am hinting at in the earlier paragraph is that the world is not entirely physical. Neither is a single speck of dust in the universe entirely physical. The physical aspect is the 3rd Dimension in mathematical parlance. Dimensions beyond the physical have been shrouded in eternal mystery as far as the common folk are concerned. Dimensions beyond the physical – the 4th, 5th and so on till infinite dimensions have been the playground of Siddhas – the perfected beings or the ascended masters. Entering a higher dimension lessens the effect of a lower dimension on the context of an individual as the existing premise is widened and methodically understood as a fallout of some phenomena that exists and is intelligible in a higher dimension.

Mythology, atleast the Indian counterpart or the ancient Hindu Mythology or Sanatana Dharma was created typically to understand the higher realms and better interpret the world around us in a wider context of the non-physical universe. The premise of physicality in the context of mythology is bare minimal and there to prove that non-physical aspects abound in every interaction in the universe. More on this later…


The Theory of Vibrations – Spandakaarika

Science speaks of the Big Bang which was a mighty explosion leading to the creation of the Universe. “Big Bang” indicates Sound – a primordial sound which was similar to the trumpeting of an Elephant. This sound was the Omkara or the Pranava which was three syllabled (A-U-M together) called OM. Every sound creates a vibration and scientifically, each sound is a wave or a summation of individual waves. This sound of OM reverberated and at its resonant frequency spread into the expansion of the Universe which had a shape similar to the body of Lord Ganapati also eulogized as Brahmanaspati and Jyestharaj in the Vedas.

As you can perceive of it, the primordial sound had everything necessary to manifest the Universe. In other words, it was a summation of infinite sounds/waves and hence was infinite in itself. Every other sound/mantra/wave/material object of creation/energy has come out from the breakup of the infinite primordial sound and hence “OM-kara” or the sound of OM is called the parent of Sounds.

To explain it with a day-to-day example is fairly easy. Cows feed on grass and produce milk. The Milk is analogous to OM-kara. From the milk, we can produce scum, curds, buttermilk, butter, ghee and other subsidiaries. If someone states – “I don’t see butter in the milk, wherefrom did it come?” You know the answer. Milk – the parent material is like a fabric from which one can produce all the other related materials. The only missing link is the process of fermentation and churning that leads to the appearance of butter on top of the buttermilk.

The fabric of the Universe is so interwoven that you can observe the chemistry of different objects, materials, energies and sounds due to which the original structure of the same (objects, materials, energies and sounds) undergoes changes. The changes could be degenerative (bad) or regenerative (good). Degenerative changes are those which lead to destruction and Regenerative ones are those which support subsistence or increase the life-force energy.

The analogy of OM-kara to milk and Universe to OM-kara is seriously called for now! OM-kara degenerated into the Universe (the whole which was purer broke up into parts – some of which were more pure than the whole and some others which were less pure than the whole). Milk ferments with the action of lactobacteria and we get other products from it. Should we call it Degeneration or Regeneration? The Question is a good one! Although from the worldly point of view, one can feel that it is regeneration, it is actually degeneration that is responsible for the balance in Nature. Nature has a way of ebb and flow (as compared to tides), rise and fall (as compared to civilizations). You could compare it to a river. Everything that is “natural” is by default flowing. But flowing in which direction? Anything be it water or for that matter energy always flows from higher potential to lower potential. So nature has a way of the fall and is by default degenerative.

The regeneration that is seen in Nature is a blessing. You can see the flowers blooming, birds chirping and flying merrily, the sunrise and sunsets and other periodic changes with respect to the motion of the earth, the moon and other “heavenly bodies”. Everything that is favorable to restoration of harmony in life is regenerative. Procreation is needless to mention regenerative.

Evolution or devolution of the infinite primordial sound can be analogously explained with arithmetic.

Infinity = Infinity – Infinity + Infinity – Infinity + Infinity – …

The left hand side of the equation is the primordial OM and the right hand side is a series of evolutions and devolutions. Just like the series of natural numbers is an infinity but it is a set of infinity of odd numbers and infinity of even numbers put together (which are “lesser infinities” as compared to the whole). But for all practical purposes, all the three infinities are equal and serve the worldly purpose of calculations.

Kashmir Shaivism or Trika Shaivism speaks of the whole universe as a Summation of Waves or Vibrations.


[The Spanda system, introduced by Vasugupta (c. 800 AD), is usually described as “vibration/movement of consciousness”. Abhinavagupta uses the expression “some sort of movement” to imply the distinction from physical movement; it is rather a vibration or sound inside the Divine, a throb. The essence of this vibration is the ecstatic self-recurrent consciousness.

The central tenet of this system is “everything is Spanda”, both the objective exterior reality and the subjective world. Nothing exists without movement, yet the ultimate movement takes place not in space or time, but inside the Supreme Consciousness (cit). So, it is a cycle of internalization and externalization of consciousness itself, relating to the most elevated plane in creation (Śiva-Śakti Tattva).

The most important texts of the system are Śiva Sutras, Spanda Karika and Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra.] [Courtesy: Wikipedia – wiki/Kashmir_Shaivism]

Every object in the universe has an aura of its own – with its own characteristic vibrational frequency, characteristic sound (owing to the recurring thought pattern), characteristic touch (owing to the shape of the aura), characteristic colour (owing to the level of consciousness vis-à-vis attachment to material objects of interest), characteristic taste (owing to choices or preferences) and characteristic odour (owing to the root psychic impressions).

Shabda, sparsha, roop, rasa and gandha are said to be the Pancha-tanmatras (The 5 definitive body metrics) of any material object. Consider a cucumber – it has all these. Consider a piece of magnet – it too has all of these. You can apply the same to human bodies too, considering a human body as an object in the fabric of the Universe.

1)      Frequency of Vibration – A Quartz crystal vibrates at a particular resonant frequency and the same applies to a human being. Each person’s level of consciousness differs and the higher the frequency of vibration, the more celestial a person would be. Here celestial is used with reference to clarity in thinking and purity of thoughts. A pure-minded person thinks less but thinks of quality! 

2)      Sound – Each person has a recurring thought pattern. If you have (say) 20000 thoughts per day, out of those say 19200 (as many as 96 %) thoughts are the same ones that you would have had yesterday. The more the number of thoughts, the greater is the reduction in quality. The dip in quality is due to the thoughts being produced in a state of incomplete awareness. Meditation (Dhyana) produces more waves of purity, stability and instinct in a person which raises one’s level of consciousness and imparts tranquility. It also harbors intuitive faculties that seem to distinguish a person from the rest of the herd. Meditation leads to greater awareness. 

3)      Touch – A magnet has a force field which attracts iron filings or pieces of iron towards it. The magnetic pull is stronger towards the centre than on the periphery of the force field. The periphery is specific and measurable. The same applies to a human being too. The aura of a human being has a well-defined shape and has bifurcations too as the outer aura and the inner aura. That is why an individual with dynamism (dynamic aura) is called a “magnetic personality”. 

4)      Sight – The appearance of a person, looks, height, weight, one’s physique, complexion, ruddiness with respect to the timeline of one lifetime is also based on what the person identifies with. Part of it is genetic and part of it dependent on the recurring thought pattern of the individual. The ideation of one’s appearance is made prior to one’s birth in the celestial astral world in the meeting with ascended masters and the causation occurs in the months of pregnancy. But each individual is bestowed with a unique form specific to one’s soul agenda as decided in the meeting with the ascended masters. 

5)      Taste – Each fruit in nature has a taste of its own and similarly, whatever karma we produce each of it comes to fruition and gives a taste to our life (not only the one that is ongoing but all the succeeding ones too) specific to the quality and quantity of the karma we produced. There are givers and takers in each of the karmas we produce and the mathematical calculation of karma is done by Nature on the basis of the number of people involved (directly or indirectly). There is a tradeoff of quality versus quantity. Our preferences of karma lead to the formation of our destiny and our destiny further leads us to do more karma. It is clear that anyone has to continue to do karma but, the choice of what karma to perform is left to us. Nature has not withheld this discretion with itself. 

6)      Smell – Have you ever wondered why we need fragrances around us? Fragrances induce pleasing qualities to the human mind and that is why natural fragrances are used in worshipping God too. Aromatherapy has also gained ground as a scientific way to embark on the principles of Nature. But each human being has a characteristic body odour that is specifically his/her own. That is how sniffer dogs are able to locate or track a thief exactly on the basis of his/her body odour. Also, it is observed in nature that during the mating season of birds and animals, they emit certain smells characteristic to attracting their mate during that period and procreation is carried forward. There could be a question in mind as why is the smell of a human being not naturally fragrant and pleasing, instead it is repulsive. The answer is twofold – one fact is that the body odour is mainly due to perspiration and is excretory in nature. Another point which is lesser known is that the odour represents the past psychic impressions which are stored in the physical body of a person inside the cells, the DNA and the chromosomes.

Shiva and Shakti – the polar opposites (the physically embodied symbolisms) of male and female energy in the Universe are however above the pancha-tanmatras. Natural laws do not bind them and instead they take the meditative souls to experience life beyond these 5 body-metrics. They help individuals to experience bliss untold. Note however that this experience is not for all and sundry but is reserved for those who incessantly keep their mind absorbed in God and live pure-mindedly. Several tests are taken by them in which a person has to dissolve one’s ego and obtain the grace of Shiva and Shakti. This is best achieved when the guru of a person lovingly grants Shaktipat (the descent or transfer of energy) from his/her own self-realized being to the seeker. The seeker begins his/her regeneration of mind, body and soul by the energy of God imparted to him/her. This energy is by default regenerative and always remains so. It is not given to impure-minded souls as they cannot use it in their impure state of consciousness and imparting it to them would stunt their process of learning life-lessons.

Lakshmi and Narayana – the polar opposites (the physically embodied symbolisms) of female countenance and male sustenance also stand apart from the pancha-tanmatras. Natural laws do not bind them and instead they take the meditative souls to experience life beyond the walls of greed, money-mindedness and selfishness. Vishnu is responsible for preservation of the world and nourishes the souls by his energy while Lakshmi holds the baton of prosperity and abundance which complements Narayana’s work. Lakshmi follows her husband in the sense that whoever helps Narayana to do his work is assisted by Goddess Lakshmi for his own worldly caring and assigned life purpose. Lakshmi is said to be fleeting and only Narayana’s stability can hold her back.

Brahma and Saraswati – the polar opposites (the physically embodied symbolisms) of male action overtones and female aural harmonics, are also not bound by the pancha-tanmatras. Natural laws do not bind them and instead they take the meditative souls to experience life as a series of Sound mechanics. The whole timeline can be seen by a yogi as a series of sounds leading to events. The past, present and future become visible as a yogi transcends his limitations of the third dimension. Decision-making is made on the sound of breath by advanced and pure-minded yogis. They can see beyond the veil of lifetimes and can also peep into the universes outside our own if need be.

The imagery of the three-headed (three-faced) Lord Dattatreya and his feminine meditative power called Anagha Shakti (the golden energy) efficiently binds the substance of the Universe together. The word “Uni-verse” etymologically means a single hymn or a single rhythm or a singleton pattern. “Uni-verse” means a single state of harmony, bliss and cosmic consciousness. “Uni-verse” means Oneness. Prayers made to Lord Dattatreya help a person to centre his energies and achieve focus in his vibrations. The vibrations of an individual are raised collectively by meditation just as waters of the ocean are pulled by gravity of the moon and the sun giving rise to tides. Lord Dattatreya is the Lord of the Siddhas and also the pivot of the Universe. He doesn’t move but all the rest moves around him!

The pancha-tanmatras are regulated by the sixth tanmatra (body-metric) which is nothing but Spanda or Spandana. Spandana is known as Vibration in common parlance. Each organ of the body vibrates at a particular optimum frequency of vibration. A reduction in the frequency causes dis-ease or disturbance in ease whereas an increase in the frequency helps the organ to not only remain healthy but also enjoy functioning as a proxy transceiver (transmitter cum receiver).

So, as a summary of the entire discussion we can conclude saying three things:

1)      The future is always changeable. Destiny can be created knowingly by doing good karma and the same “good luck” can be utilized/expended to further experience life in the right earnest. This creates incremental benefits or “compounded interest” on “good karma” leading to a superior state of consciousness.

2)      Choice of karma is left to the individual. So, exercising this power of choice while performing karma greatly differentiates an individual’s spiritual attunement from what one had experienced earlier. Attunement leads to attainment, virtues lead to piety and bliss leads to calmness. These three act vice versa too and create a positive cycle of energy exchange.

3)      Spontaneity of thought, integrity of character and well-rounded decision-making become the hallmarks of dynamic people. Those who understand and experience Spandana with the grace of the ascended masters experience life beyond the quarters of the third dimension and achieve infinite grace of Lord Shiva, the Lord of yogis and his consort Goddess Uma, the Divine Mother.

God and Geometry: Akinness to Complexity


The study of Plane Practical Geometry starts with “The Elements” of Euclid. Euclidean geometry is basically planar or flat plane geometry. We will first look at the foundation of Geometry. Geometric literature entails the following:

[A] Initial notions There are some notions in geometry (and in mathematics in general), to which it is impossible to give some sensible definition. We adopt them as initial notions. The meaning of these notions can be ascertained only by experience. So, the notions of a point and a straight line are initial. Based on initial notions we can give definitions to all other notions.

[B] Axiom(s) – a statement, determining some property and adopted without a proof. Axioms have been arisen by experience and the experience checks if they are true in totality.

[C] Proof(s) – a reasoning, determining some property.

[D] Theorem(s) – a statement, determining some property and requiring a proof. Theorems are called also as lemmas, properties, consequences, rules, criteria, propositions, statements.

Coming back to our main topic of discussion here, you can very well see that at the onset, there are few “beliefs” that we take for granted and build the whole of geometry based on those set of beliefs. The initial notions are of a point and a straight line.


Theory: A point is a dimensionless indivisible whole. It is an infinitesimal whole without a part. If a person were to reject such a notion at the very outset saying that it does not exist then the whole foundation of geometry and its applications would collapse.

Between any two points whether in neighbourhood or not, there are an infinite set of points in between that can be joined to form a line segment of finite length and can be extended on one or both sides to form either a ray or a line.

A line is a doubly directed continuous infinite length without a breadth. A ray is a singly directed continuous infinite length without a breadth.

Practicality threatened: A carpenter won’t be able to produce a single piece of furniture if he were to mock at the concept of a point (although it does not exist in reality). He just won’t be able to do any valid markings nor take any measurements because if he does not believe in “the point”, how can he believe in the line or a line segment? Lines and line segments are produced by points. He cannot go further if he disbelieves in the concept of a point. Also, practically lines cannot exist without breadth.


Theory: Euclid further states that if there are 3 points OR a line and a point outside the line, then they describe one plane.

Practical Aspect: In carpentry, it is a common practice to construct a tripod or a three-legged stool for greater stability than a four-legged one.

The reason for this being that the 4-legged stool can topple over a surface which is not planar or flat, but a 3-legged stool will never topple over an uneven, non-flat surface. The 3 legs always lie in one plane or the other which imparts them stability and prevents wobbling.

Reconciling Theory and Practicality: Here in this case, the point which was infinitesimal is considered to have the footprint of the leg of a stool. The concept comes handy. We can say that the footprint of the point takes upon a value which is finite in area and itself contains infinite points in the footprint.


We now come close to the idea of “Zooming in” and “Zooming out” of points.

Explanation: We see the moon in the sky bigger than the sun. It is only because of their relative distances from the earth that it appears so. It is factual data that if we travel away from our own solar system, then the planets and our sun itself will start appearing tiny and become more like dots in space from a sufficient distance.

Euclid’s theory does not contain “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” features on points and lines. From a practical point of view however, these features can be readily put to use even in Satellite communication, navigation and imaging.


Theory: Two lines on the same plane are either parallel or intersecting.

Practical point of view: Euclid had assumed a flat plane. Consider a plane which is spherical. Let us consider a small replica of the earth which is actually oblong as spherical for purposes of simplicity. We can easily draw an equator and then we can draw a circle on the upper hemisphere which is neither parallel nor intersecting the equator.

For easy visualization, consider the upper hemisphere sliced off from the lower. Now consider only the upper hemisphere and then slice off a part of the upper hemisphere at an acute angle transversely, not touching the equatorial plane.

Now join the sections back to form the “replica earth”. The lines where we have cut appear to be neither parallel nor intersecting. They are anti-parallel circles. The sectional plane and equatorial plane would intersect only outside the sphere.

Alternately, two lines which are neither parallel nor intersecting may be skew lines on two parallel planes. E.g. Anti-parallel diagonals of a cube belonging to its lower and upper faces.


Theory: Two lines perpendicular to the same line are parallel.

Practical point of view: The above is true only for a flat plane. Draw two lines perpendicular to the equator on a spherical plane and they would intersect at the north and south poles……(Ref.-1)


Theory: The sum of the interior angles of a triangle equals 180 degrees.

Practical point of view: The above is true only for a flat plane. Consider the triangle described (in Ref.-1) above. It is possible to have a triangle with all 3 interior angles to be equal to 90 degrees OR 2 internal right angles and 1 acute angle OR 2 internal right angles and 1 obtuse angle barring the exception of a single diametric vertical section in which a triangle won’t be formed at all.


Conclusion: The geometric truths known to us are fairly relative both in theory and application. Generalizations are difficult to make based on deferring truths.



Theories are formed out of the combination of some inner and outer necessities but they have to be viewed in appropriate ways for correct applications to be well grounded in practicality. There are and will be stark differences between theories and practicalities but they are illuminating indeed for the mind that ponders upon and realizes them and needs to aptly apply them. As we saw in geometry, now I am going to elucidate the geometry in the Creation of God, alias of course “The Universe”.

The Universe is born out of an ellipsoid (rotate an ellipse 360 degrees around its own major axis and the resulting 3D form is an ellipsoid) which was golden yellow in colour. It was called “Hiranyagarbha” or the Golden egg OR the Golden embryo OR the Golden foetus in classical literature such as the Vedas and Puranas. In fact, the Sanskrit word for the universe is “Brahmanda” which itself means Cosmic Egg. Another diadem is the mention of “Lingaakara Srishti”, which means Creation in the form of multiples of Lingas or Ellipsoids – one resulting from the other.

The chain was:- From Brahmanda-Linga was created Atma-Linga. From Atma-Linga was created Gyana-Linga from which was created Prana-Linga. The Brahmanda-Linga itself evolved out of Paraatpara Shiv-Linga OR Sadashiva-Linga in which was represented the union of Male and Female Templates in their purest form. The Male template was a Linga and the Female template was a Yoni in the highest form. (The Yoni resembles a doughnut in shape). The friction in these two templates — the Linga and Yoni which got aligned to each other created 2 patterns of consciousness –  one upper and one lower (like its reflection in water).

These two patterns in total represented 14 layers of consciousness – 7 each from each pattern. The pattern was of the Sri Chakra and was multidimensional in nature. One Sri Chakra which was above, started in its uppermost tip which was Nirguna Paramatma or Pure God Consciousness. Similarly, the inverted Sri Chakra which was below culminated in its lowermost tip which was Avaguna Anaatma or Impure Devil Consciousness. The Earth lies in the Lowest Layer of the Upper Sri Chakra. Thus it is approximately in the middle of creation albeit a little over it.

Without loss of integrity, instead of digressing or divulging from the main point of focus, let us get back to the geometry of our own self. We have five bodies out of which 2nd (the etheric body or Pranamaya kosha) and 4th body (the causal body or the Gyanamaya kosha) along with the soul are Lingaakara or Ellipsoids. The 1st body in the order of visibility from gross to subtle (the physical body) and the 3rd body (the mind body or the astral body) act like yonis. The 5th body (the bliss body or Anandamaya kosha) is a perfect yoni. Atma-Linga interacts with the 5th body and forms Gyana-Linga (4th body) out of the union. The Gyana-Linga merges with the 3rd body and forms Prana-Linga (2nd body). The Prana-Linga conjugates with the physical body or the gross body (1st body) and a visible life form evolves. A personality is formed.

But this was creation that took place directly from God. Since the first incarnation of the soul on earth, only the Prana-Linga conjugated with the physical body. From the influence of outside environment and wrong or improper interaction between Prana-Linga and the physical body, the physical body got bad unworkable inputs which it carried to the higher bodies as contaminations—one up at a time.

Ultimately, they got accumulated as negative samskaras or negative psychic impressions in the Gyana-Linga. The Gyana-Linga thus got distorted and lost its even shape. It lost its lustre too. It started to gather heaps and heaps of samskaras – both good and bad according to the karma or deeds of the person. The Dhyana Bindu Upanishad states that there are thousands of mountains of negative psychic impressions stored in the 4th body – the Gyana-Linga of a human being. Instead of clearing the debris, a human being starts gathering more psychic impressions in each successive janma or re-incarnation adding to the garbage of mountains of black energy.


Summary of this lengthy discussion:

We think in fairly limited ways like in Euclid’s geometry and try to engulf in 3D exchanges of gross matter with monetary affairs. Our ignorance is far greater than knowledge. One change in axiomatic and proof-oriented thinking can shake our very foundations of existence. Stop behaving like automatons. Use your power of constructive thinking and do your bit in orienting planet earth towards more positivism.

Today’s fast-paced age demands information but that too has been centred around materialism and consumerism. Creation itself being multidimensional, it is high time that a human being should think plausibly for himself in holistic ways that far exceed today’s material science and religion-centred spirituality.

God and Algebra: An Analogy


x is assumed to represent a certain value, it is a dummy variable representing an unknown value. If we do not believe in x, or “its path of arriving at solutions” which is algebra, then mathematical equations can never be written down. First, we have to put our faith in this ‘x’. If we “believe”, we can go ahead and follow the path of ‘x’ i.e. Algebra and create equations that represent certain real problems that appear tangibly unsolvable without this ‘x-factor’.

The degree of the equation gives the number of possible solutions. There are ways to find roots of any equation of any degree. Ultimately, the problem-solver reaches the solutions of ‘x’. Then x becomes obsolete. Now the value of x has been found. So for the one who has solved the equation, ‘x’ no longer holds. He would declare to the world – “x does not exist.”

But to the one who is yet to solve the same problem for himself, it would appear that x does not exist and so, the equation does not exist too. So the real world problem corresponding to the equation is also unreal.

And there the logic gets flawed.


God is such a dummy variable. It is the “x” that is missing. Its value has to be found by human effort and equations of life have to be realistically formed and duly represented.

The degree of the equation of life is to be determined looking at the problems that one encounters in real life. Thereafter, the number of solutions (of course, here there will be distinct solutions equal to the degree of the equation) will be found out.

Each root suggests a different path reaching to God, each root is different in value but each is equally potent to solve the equation by making the rhs zero and hence is a correct path. Finding just one root however does not offer the complete solution. So the seeker has to seek further and get to all the other roots too to get a complete solution.

e.g. A biquadratic equation can be split in many ways – either as two quadratic equations or as a linear and a cubic equation. However still, although there would be just 4 roots, each person is sure to solve the equation in different ways giving different root pairs/tuples. The subset of roots will be generated differently but the overall resultant superset will be just single.

Similarly, one can see that as the degree grows, becomes fifth, sixth and higher, the name-value pairs for r1-v1, r2-v2, r3-v3, r4-v4, … , r*-v* would get generated by different sets of governing equations, the generation of which depends on the splitting of individual sub-equations from the primary equation.

When one’s equation of life gets fully solved, then only one can rest and say confidently, “For me, God does not exist. ‘x’ has been solved for. ‘x’ does not exist now in my case.”

The problem with Theists and Atheists both:

Theists recognize the ‘x’ and begin solving and then give up in between and start worshipping ‘x’ instead, as it is. Atheists say, “There is no x” and fail to recognize that their own life equation is unsolvable sans x.
Agnostics sit on the fence and say, “I’ll prefer to worship and disbelieve x as and when required. Chalta hai yaar!”

x=God…but God=what?

The Question is for you to find out…

The Shortest Definitions of God

1)     The Selfless Self

2)     The Impersonal Truth

3)     The Deathless Existence

4)     The Expansive Bliss

5)     The Consciousness Beyond

6)     The Source Light

7)     The Passive Action

8)     The Discriminative Knowledge

9)     The Open Secret

10)   The Concealed Revelation

11)   The Agnostic Belief

12)   The Modern Antiquity

13)   The Unseen Witness

14)   The Watchless Glance

15)   The Unheard Listener

16)   The Unstruck Sound

17)   The Unfelt Essence

18)   The Unconscious Touch

19)   The Unrealized Taste

20)   The Generative Cause

21)   The Operative Order

22)   The Dissolving Solution

23)   The Infinite Void

24)   The Boundless Limit

25)   The Evanescent Constant

26)   The Detached Attachment

27)   The Universal Force

28)   The Only Diversity

29)   The Multiple Singularity

30)   The Pathless Path

31)   The Additive Deduction

32)   The Unrelated Relativity

33)   The Fathomless Depth

34)   The Unsurpassed Height

35)   The Unmistaken Blunder

36)   The Incorrigible Correction

37)   The Incorruptible Sense

38)   The Tumultuous Calmness

39)   The Transformative Static

40)   The Dynamic Null

41)   The Climatic Anticlimax

42)   The Unused Device

43)   The Pretenceless Hoax

44)   The Unindulged Celebration

45)   The Unattended Absence

46)   The Omnipresent Defaulter

47)   The Omniscient Unknown

48)   The Omnipotent Destitute

49)   The Unbreakable Shatterer

50)   The Talkative Silence

51)   The Silent Noise

52)   The Limbless Doer

53)   The Thoughtless Planner

54)   The Dimwitted Nimbleness

55)   The Reality Apparent

56)   The Submissive Dominator

57)   The Impragmatic Actuality

58)   The Sought Seeker

59)   The Cathartic Laughter

60)   The Laughable Melancholy

61)   The Seer Seen

62)   The Common Experience

63)   The Unpartaken Share

64)   The Infinite Whole

65)   The Null Part

66)   The Deedless Karma

67)   The Inconsequential Consequence

68)   The Beatitude Icon

69)   The Entangled Liberator

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What’s about “The Missing Link”?

Well friends, from the name of my blog, you will be left wondering as to what is this “missing link”? The whole gamut of links works inside our brain where information is processed fast-track and no one knows exactly how our brain interprets, processes or transfers signals from within the body.

Yet, one of the most complex systems that can be found in nature is the human brain. Two other complex systems that are too deep to fathom are the universe and the atom. No one can say efficiently how these systems work or are interrelated to the extent of reaching closure. Yes, closure for sure! Closure would mean that there is nothing left to uncover. Every veil that was, has been pulled off and torn apart by a process we call “discovery”.

What is it that leads us to discover something? That’s what I call “the missing link”. The process of discovery can also be called a revelation. “The missing link” is revealed to somebody by the very process of discovery.

If the discovery is esoteric, it is called a revelation. If the revelation is scientific, its called a discovery. That’s just a play of words. But the underlying essence is the same. Water or H2O, the thing is the same.

Words are plain pointers to something they refer to. We mistake the words for the things and end up in gross error!

The brain or for that matter the human brain is the doorway to the infinitum (the universe) and also to the void (the atom). This is how three complex systems are interconnected. They are intertwined one within the other.

When we stretch our limits, we do go beyond our limitations, be they of mind or body or intelligence. If we stretch the limits of our system which we call “the human brain”, we enter the domain of the intellect.

Intelligence could say entail the knowledge of working with an ATM machine. So it has to be diligently harbored and developed. Basically, any knowledge which can be “learned” gets transformed into what we presently call “intelligence” and needs to be stored in order to be remembered.

The same is not the case of intellect. Intellect is something which is already there. It can only be reached! When intelligence stretches itself to its limits, it “reaches” intellect.

This flowering of intelligence to intellect is what makes discovery interesting.

There is another important facet to discovery which is more personal than impersonal. We call this faculty “Experience”. Let me explain. Newton saw a falling apple and that was his experience. That was the experience of a million others too. But Newton reached a climax of his intelligence. That became a blast, an explosion in his brain and intellect flowered. He discovered “Gravitation”.

Lord Buddha saw a leaf falling off the Bodhi tree. All of us can also see leaves falling off trees. That is our experience. But Buddha’s intelligence had become so acute that at the moment he saw it, his intelligence touched a level and intellect dawned inside. It cut asunder all the ties and he attained “Enlightenment”. Enlightenment here came to the Buddha as a “revelation”.

Whatever we do consciously or unconsciously, we keep building patterns in our brain of that activity. Even if we sit still, we build a pattern which reflects stillness. If we play soccer, we build a pattern that reflects our synaptic responses.

We call these patterns as “neuropathways”. If we break an old habit, we are in effect breaking the neuropathway of that habit. If we make up a new habit, in effect what occurs inside our brain is a new neuropathway.

Suppose you have developed three habits over a period of many years. In the morning, you brush your teeth and immediately have tea after it. While sipping tea, you read a newspaper. Now look at this. “Brushing teeth” and “Sipping tea” are exclusive events. You cannot do them concurrently. So in your brain, two pathways refer to each of these. As one event follows the other, the pathways may be little close. But the pathways of “Sipping tea” and “Reading newspaper” will be more closely connected as the events have taken place concurrently over a period of many years.

Soon you will find yourself feeling uncomfortable missing tea while reading the newspaper or sipping tea without the newspaper!

Then you blame your mind and habits. But wait, you should instead scientifically change your closely connected neuropathways by disaligning your closely connected habits that bring you discomfort.

That’s not of course easy to do. There’s where you need something called “Energy”. Since it was energy that created the patterns, it is energy that will dissolve them.

This energy is very much the missing link. Our science has progressed a great deal in making advancements related to matter. But they haven’t been able to “seek energy”. To seek it, an atom must explode completely. Then E=mc2 is released. Even the subatomic particles must explode totally to release a quantum of energy which is tremendously huge. If even the energy of a single atom can be wholly tapped then …!!!

Here is the missing link between science and spirituality. They seem to be opposites but are in fact two opposite sides of the same coin.

In Mythology, we consider Shiva and Shakti as opposites. Shiva is matter. That which is not in reality. Shakti is energy. That which is not in falsehood. Shakti is extremely REAL.

That’s why uncontrolled Shakti or Energy becomes destructive. An example of this are the explosions of WWII.

The support of Shakti is Shiva or the empty container or vessel. This vessel must be so pure that it seems nonexistent such that it can “hold” or “wield” the Energy. Consider the atom. It is Shiva. It is like a vessel. Inside it is Shakti or tremendous energy.

Everything is made of particles. If something is not a particle, it is energy. Even vacuum is energy.

The people who meditate do so to touch this inner reservoir of Shakti. But to hold her, they have to “become Shiva”. The process of becoming Shiva is in fact the process of making your neuropathways pure. When this happens, you really become aware of the truth and “the science inside you” transforms into the spirit.

This blog is a holistic attempt to “unlearn” the learned truths and make the earth truly happy.