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The Theory of Vibrations – Spandakaarika

Science speaks of the Big Bang which was a mighty explosion leading to the creation of the Universe. “Big Bang” indicates Sound – a primordial sound which was similar to the trumpeting of an Elephant. This sound was the Omkara or the Pranava which was three syllabled (A-U-M together) called OM. Every sound creates a vibration and scientifically, each sound is a wave or a summation of individual waves. This sound of OM reverberated and at its resonant frequency spread into the expansion of the Universe which had a shape similar to the body of Lord Ganapati also eulogized as Brahmanaspati and Jyestharaj in the Vedas.

As you can perceive of it, the primordial sound had everything necessary to manifest the Universe. In other words, it was a summation of infinite sounds/waves and hence was infinite in itself. Every other sound/mantra/wave/material object of creation/energy has come out from the breakup of the infinite primordial sound and hence “OM-kara” or the sound of OM is called the parent of Sounds.

To explain it with a day-to-day example is fairly easy. Cows feed on grass and produce milk. The Milk is analogous to OM-kara. From the milk, we can produce scum, curds, buttermilk, butter, ghee and other subsidiaries. If someone states – “I don’t see butter in the milk, wherefrom did it come?” You know the answer. Milk – the parent material is like a fabric from which one can produce all the other related materials. The only missing link is the process of fermentation and churning that leads to the appearance of butter on top of the buttermilk.

The fabric of the Universe is so interwoven that you can observe the chemistry of different objects, materials, energies and sounds due to which the original structure of the same (objects, materials, energies and sounds) undergoes changes. The changes could be degenerative (bad) or regenerative (good). Degenerative changes are those which lead to destruction and Regenerative ones are those which support subsistence or increase the life-force energy.

The analogy of OM-kara to milk and Universe to OM-kara is seriously called for now! OM-kara degenerated into the Universe (the whole which was purer broke up into parts – some of which were more pure than the whole and some others which were less pure than the whole). Milk ferments with the action of lactobacteria and we get other products from it. Should we call it Degeneration or Regeneration? The Question is a good one! Although from the worldly point of view, one can feel that it is regeneration, it is actually degeneration that is responsible for the balance in Nature. Nature has a way of ebb and flow (as compared to tides), rise and fall (as compared to civilizations). You could compare it to a river. Everything that is “natural” is by default flowing. But flowing in which direction? Anything be it water or for that matter energy always flows from higher potential to lower potential. So nature has a way of the fall and is by default degenerative.

The regeneration that is seen in Nature is a blessing. You can see the flowers blooming, birds chirping and flying merrily, the sunrise and sunsets and other periodic changes with respect to the motion of the earth, the moon and other “heavenly bodies”. Everything that is favorable to restoration of harmony in life is regenerative. Procreation is needless to mention regenerative.

Evolution or devolution of the infinite primordial sound can be analogously explained with arithmetic.

Infinity = Infinity – Infinity + Infinity – Infinity + Infinity – …

The left hand side of the equation is the primordial OM and the right hand side is a series of evolutions and devolutions. Just like the series of natural numbers is an infinity but it is a set of infinity of odd numbers and infinity of even numbers put together (which are “lesser infinities” as compared to the whole). But for all practical purposes, all the three infinities are equal and serve the worldly purpose of calculations.

Kashmir Shaivism or Trika Shaivism speaks of the whole universe as a Summation of Waves or Vibrations.


[The Spanda system, introduced by Vasugupta (c. 800 AD), is usually described as “vibration/movement of consciousness”. Abhinavagupta uses the expression “some sort of movement” to imply the distinction from physical movement; it is rather a vibration or sound inside the Divine, a throb. The essence of this vibration is the ecstatic self-recurrent consciousness.

The central tenet of this system is “everything is Spanda”, both the objective exterior reality and the subjective world. Nothing exists without movement, yet the ultimate movement takes place not in space or time, but inside the Supreme Consciousness (cit). So, it is a cycle of internalization and externalization of consciousness itself, relating to the most elevated plane in creation (Śiva-Śakti Tattva).

The most important texts of the system are Śiva Sutras, Spanda Karika and Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra.] [Courtesy: Wikipedia – wiki/Kashmir_Shaivism]

Every object in the universe has an aura of its own – with its own characteristic vibrational frequency, characteristic sound (owing to the recurring thought pattern), characteristic touch (owing to the shape of the aura), characteristic colour (owing to the level of consciousness vis-à-vis attachment to material objects of interest), characteristic taste (owing to choices or preferences) and characteristic odour (owing to the root psychic impressions).

Shabda, sparsha, roop, rasa and gandha are said to be the Pancha-tanmatras (The 5 definitive body metrics) of any material object. Consider a cucumber – it has all these. Consider a piece of magnet – it too has all of these. You can apply the same to human bodies too, considering a human body as an object in the fabric of the Universe.

1)      Frequency of Vibration – A Quartz crystal vibrates at a particular resonant frequency and the same applies to a human being. Each person’s level of consciousness differs and the higher the frequency of vibration, the more celestial a person would be. Here celestial is used with reference to clarity in thinking and purity of thoughts. A pure-minded person thinks less but thinks of quality! 

2)      Sound – Each person has a recurring thought pattern. If you have (say) 20000 thoughts per day, out of those say 19200 (as many as 96 %) thoughts are the same ones that you would have had yesterday. The more the number of thoughts, the greater is the reduction in quality. The dip in quality is due to the thoughts being produced in a state of incomplete awareness. Meditation (Dhyana) produces more waves of purity, stability and instinct in a person which raises one’s level of consciousness and imparts tranquility. It also harbors intuitive faculties that seem to distinguish a person from the rest of the herd. Meditation leads to greater awareness. 

3)      Touch – A magnet has a force field which attracts iron filings or pieces of iron towards it. The magnetic pull is stronger towards the centre than on the periphery of the force field. The periphery is specific and measurable. The same applies to a human being too. The aura of a human being has a well-defined shape and has bifurcations too as the outer aura and the inner aura. That is why an individual with dynamism (dynamic aura) is called a “magnetic personality”. 

4)      Sight – The appearance of a person, looks, height, weight, one’s physique, complexion, ruddiness with respect to the timeline of one lifetime is also based on what the person identifies with. Part of it is genetic and part of it dependent on the recurring thought pattern of the individual. The ideation of one’s appearance is made prior to one’s birth in the celestial astral world in the meeting with ascended masters and the causation occurs in the months of pregnancy. But each individual is bestowed with a unique form specific to one’s soul agenda as decided in the meeting with the ascended masters. 

5)      Taste – Each fruit in nature has a taste of its own and similarly, whatever karma we produce each of it comes to fruition and gives a taste to our life (not only the one that is ongoing but all the succeeding ones too) specific to the quality and quantity of the karma we produced. There are givers and takers in each of the karmas we produce and the mathematical calculation of karma is done by Nature on the basis of the number of people involved (directly or indirectly). There is a tradeoff of quality versus quantity. Our preferences of karma lead to the formation of our destiny and our destiny further leads us to do more karma. It is clear that anyone has to continue to do karma but, the choice of what karma to perform is left to us. Nature has not withheld this discretion with itself. 

6)      Smell – Have you ever wondered why we need fragrances around us? Fragrances induce pleasing qualities to the human mind and that is why natural fragrances are used in worshipping God too. Aromatherapy has also gained ground as a scientific way to embark on the principles of Nature. But each human being has a characteristic body odour that is specifically his/her own. That is how sniffer dogs are able to locate or track a thief exactly on the basis of his/her body odour. Also, it is observed in nature that during the mating season of birds and animals, they emit certain smells characteristic to attracting their mate during that period and procreation is carried forward. There could be a question in mind as why is the smell of a human being not naturally fragrant and pleasing, instead it is repulsive. The answer is twofold – one fact is that the body odour is mainly due to perspiration and is excretory in nature. Another point which is lesser known is that the odour represents the past psychic impressions which are stored in the physical body of a person inside the cells, the DNA and the chromosomes.

Shiva and Shakti – the polar opposites (the physically embodied symbolisms) of male and female energy in the Universe are however above the pancha-tanmatras. Natural laws do not bind them and instead they take the meditative souls to experience life beyond these 5 body-metrics. They help individuals to experience bliss untold. Note however that this experience is not for all and sundry but is reserved for those who incessantly keep their mind absorbed in God and live pure-mindedly. Several tests are taken by them in which a person has to dissolve one’s ego and obtain the grace of Shiva and Shakti. This is best achieved when the guru of a person lovingly grants Shaktipat (the descent or transfer of energy) from his/her own self-realized being to the seeker. The seeker begins his/her regeneration of mind, body and soul by the energy of God imparted to him/her. This energy is by default regenerative and always remains so. It is not given to impure-minded souls as they cannot use it in their impure state of consciousness and imparting it to them would stunt their process of learning life-lessons.

Lakshmi and Narayana – the polar opposites (the physically embodied symbolisms) of female countenance and male sustenance also stand apart from the pancha-tanmatras. Natural laws do not bind them and instead they take the meditative souls to experience life beyond the walls of greed, money-mindedness and selfishness. Vishnu is responsible for preservation of the world and nourishes the souls by his energy while Lakshmi holds the baton of prosperity and abundance which complements Narayana’s work. Lakshmi follows her husband in the sense that whoever helps Narayana to do his work is assisted by Goddess Lakshmi for his own worldly caring and assigned life purpose. Lakshmi is said to be fleeting and only Narayana’s stability can hold her back.

Brahma and Saraswati – the polar opposites (the physically embodied symbolisms) of male action overtones and female aural harmonics, are also not bound by the pancha-tanmatras. Natural laws do not bind them and instead they take the meditative souls to experience life as a series of Sound mechanics. The whole timeline can be seen by a yogi as a series of sounds leading to events. The past, present and future become visible as a yogi transcends his limitations of the third dimension. Decision-making is made on the sound of breath by advanced and pure-minded yogis. They can see beyond the veil of lifetimes and can also peep into the universes outside our own if need be.

The imagery of the three-headed (three-faced) Lord Dattatreya and his feminine meditative power called Anagha Shakti (the golden energy) efficiently binds the substance of the Universe together. The word “Uni-verse” etymologically means a single hymn or a single rhythm or a singleton pattern. “Uni-verse” means a single state of harmony, bliss and cosmic consciousness. “Uni-verse” means Oneness. Prayers made to Lord Dattatreya help a person to centre his energies and achieve focus in his vibrations. The vibrations of an individual are raised collectively by meditation just as waters of the ocean are pulled by gravity of the moon and the sun giving rise to tides. Lord Dattatreya is the Lord of the Siddhas and also the pivot of the Universe. He doesn’t move but all the rest moves around him!

The pancha-tanmatras are regulated by the sixth tanmatra (body-metric) which is nothing but Spanda or Spandana. Spandana is known as Vibration in common parlance. Each organ of the body vibrates at a particular optimum frequency of vibration. A reduction in the frequency causes dis-ease or disturbance in ease whereas an increase in the frequency helps the organ to not only remain healthy but also enjoy functioning as a proxy transceiver (transmitter cum receiver).

So, as a summary of the entire discussion we can conclude saying three things:

1)      The future is always changeable. Destiny can be created knowingly by doing good karma and the same “good luck” can be utilized/expended to further experience life in the right earnest. This creates incremental benefits or “compounded interest” on “good karma” leading to a superior state of consciousness.

2)      Choice of karma is left to the individual. So, exercising this power of choice while performing karma greatly differentiates an individual’s spiritual attunement from what one had experienced earlier. Attunement leads to attainment, virtues lead to piety and bliss leads to calmness. These three act vice versa too and create a positive cycle of energy exchange.

3)      Spontaneity of thought, integrity of character and well-rounded decision-making become the hallmarks of dynamic people. Those who understand and experience Spandana with the grace of the ascended masters experience life beyond the quarters of the third dimension and achieve infinite grace of Lord Shiva, the Lord of yogis and his consort Goddess Uma, the Divine Mother.