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The Relevance of Mythology in Today’s Times

खद्योतो द्योतते तावत् यावन्नोदयते शशी |

उदिते तु सहस्रांशौ क्व खद्योत: क्व चन्द्रमा: ||

Literal Meaning: A firefly glows till the moon has not risen. But once the sun has cast its light (on the horizon), where’s the firefly and where’s the moon? (Their light is so insignificant before the sun that they are purged from the picture)

Anything shorn of context loses its very meaning and existence as would the sun and the moon seem insignificant had another greater light source illuminated the earth. Context is very important as far as thorough understanding and well-rounded comprehension of a known premise is concerned. A practical person would smirk at the above statement and base his understanding on the possibility or rather impossibility of another greater light source illuminating the earth. But the real point of discussion is not this debatable statement but the impervious fact that widening of a known premise is unacceptable to an otherwise practically scientific person. The resistance is not so much due to scientific adherence as is due to a failure to recognize an imaginative possibility that surrounds the rather unpropounded statement. Imagination would be the doorway to a here-to-fore undiscovered reality that lies beyond the mist of cloudy understanding and blind reasoning. Blind reasoning on the known science keeps man away from discovering the unknown as man believes that “this is what it is”, “this is what is there to it, no more”. Thus, the path of setting up a new premise is encumbered.

The new premise that I am hinting at in the earlier paragraph is that the world is not entirely physical. Neither is a single speck of dust in the universe entirely physical. The physical aspect is the 3rd Dimension in mathematical parlance. Dimensions beyond the physical have been shrouded in eternal mystery as far as the common folk are concerned. Dimensions beyond the physical – the 4th, 5th and so on till infinite dimensions have been the playground of Siddhas – the perfected beings or the ascended masters. Entering a higher dimension lessens the effect of a lower dimension on the context of an individual as the existing premise is widened and methodically understood as a fallout of some phenomena that exists and is intelligible in a higher dimension.

Mythology, atleast the Indian counterpart or the ancient Hindu Mythology or Sanatana Dharma was created typically to understand the higher realms and better interpret the world around us in a wider context of the non-physical universe. The premise of physicality in the context of mythology is bare minimal and there to prove that non-physical aspects abound in every interaction in the universe. More on this later…