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The Shortest Definitions of God

1)     The Selfless Self

2)     The Impersonal Truth

3)     The Deathless Existence

4)     The Expansive Bliss

5)     The Consciousness Beyond

6)     The Source Light

7)     The Passive Action

8)     The Discriminative Knowledge

9)     The Open Secret

10)   The Concealed Revelation

11)   The Agnostic Belief

12)   The Modern Antiquity

13)   The Unseen Witness

14)   The Watchless Glance

15)   The Unheard Listener

16)   The Unstruck Sound

17)   The Unfelt Essence

18)   The Unconscious Touch

19)   The Unrealized Taste

20)   The Generative Cause

21)   The Operative Order

22)   The Dissolving Solution

23)   The Infinite Void

24)   The Boundless Limit

25)   The Evanescent Constant

26)   The Detached Attachment

27)   The Universal Force

28)   The Only Diversity

29)   The Multiple Singularity

30)   The Pathless Path

31)   The Additive Deduction

32)   The Unrelated Relativity

33)   The Fathomless Depth

34)   The Unsurpassed Height

35)   The Unmistaken Blunder

36)   The Incorrigible Correction

37)   The Incorruptible Sense

38)   The Tumultuous Calmness

39)   The Transformative Static

40)   The Dynamic Null

41)   The Climatic Anticlimax

42)   The Unused Device

43)   The Pretenceless Hoax

44)   The Unindulged Celebration

45)   The Unattended Absence

46)   The Omnipresent Defaulter

47)   The Omniscient Unknown

48)   The Omnipotent Destitute

49)   The Unbreakable Shatterer

50)   The Talkative Silence

51)   The Silent Noise

52)   The Limbless Doer

53)   The Thoughtless Planner

54)   The Dimwitted Nimbleness

55)   The Reality Apparent

56)   The Submissive Dominator

57)   The Impragmatic Actuality

58)   The Sought Seeker

59)   The Cathartic Laughter

60)   The Laughable Melancholy

61)   The Seer Seen

62)   The Common Experience

63)   The Unpartaken Share

64)   The Infinite Whole

65)   The Null Part

66)   The Deedless Karma

67)   The Inconsequential Consequence

68)   The Beatitude Icon

69)   The Entangled Liberator

70)   The Maiden Final

71)   The Zeroeth Creation

72)   The Spirited Spirit

73)   The Sole Soul

74)   The Holy Ghost

75)   The Stable Vibration

76)   The Unwavering Energy

77)   The Lossless Lost

78)   The Predestined Chance

79)   The Vanquished Victor

80)   The Supreme Power


What’s about “The Missing Link”?

Well friends, from the name of my blog, you will be left wondering as to what is this “missing link”? The whole gamut of links works inside our brain where information is processed fast-track and no one knows exactly how our brain interprets, processes or transfers signals from within the body.

Yet, one of the most complex systems that can be found in nature is the human brain. Two other complex systems that are too deep to fathom are the universe and the atom. No one can say efficiently how these systems work or are interrelated to the extent of reaching closure. Yes, closure for sure! Closure would mean that there is nothing left to uncover. Every veil that was, has been pulled off and torn apart by a process we call “discovery”.

What is it that leads us to discover something? That’s what I call “the missing link”. The process of discovery can also be called a revelation. “The missing link” is revealed to somebody by the very process of discovery.

If the discovery is esoteric, it is called a revelation. If the revelation is scientific, its called a discovery. That’s just a play of words. But the underlying essence is the same. Water or H2O, the thing is the same.

Words are plain pointers to something they refer to. We mistake the words for the things and end up in gross error!

The brain or for that matter the human brain is the doorway to the infinitum (the universe) and also to the void (the atom). This is how three complex systems are interconnected. They are intertwined one within the other.

When we stretch our limits, we do go beyond our limitations, be they of mind or body or intelligence. If we stretch the limits of our system which we call “the human brain”, we enter the domain of the intellect.

Intelligence could say entail the knowledge of working with an ATM machine. So it has to be diligently harbored and developed. Basically, any knowledge which can be “learned” gets transformed into what we presently call “intelligence” and needs to be stored in order to be remembered.

The same is not the case of intellect. Intellect is something which is already there. It can only be reached! When intelligence stretches itself to its limits, it “reaches” intellect.

This flowering of intelligence to intellect is what makes discovery interesting.

There is another important facet to discovery which is more personal than impersonal. We call this faculty “Experience”. Let me explain. Newton saw a falling apple and that was his experience. That was the experience of a million others too. But Newton reached a climax of his intelligence. That became a blast, an explosion in his brain and intellect flowered. He discovered “Gravitation”.

Lord Buddha saw a leaf falling off the Bodhi tree. All of us can also see leaves falling off trees. That is our experience. But Buddha’s intelligence had become so acute that at the moment he saw it, his intelligence touched a level and intellect dawned inside. It cut asunder all the ties and he attained “Enlightenment”. Enlightenment here came to the Buddha as a “revelation”.

Whatever we do consciously or unconsciously, we keep building patterns in our brain of that activity. Even if we sit still, we build a pattern which reflects stillness. If we play soccer, we build a pattern that reflects our synaptic responses.

We call these patterns as “neuropathways”. If we break an old habit, we are in effect breaking the neuropathway of that habit. If we make up a new habit, in effect what occurs inside our brain is a new neuropathway.

Suppose you have developed three habits over a period of many years. In the morning, you brush your teeth and immediately have tea after it. While sipping tea, you read a newspaper. Now look at this. “Brushing teeth” and “Sipping tea” are exclusive events. You cannot do them concurrently. So in your brain, two pathways refer to each of these. As one event follows the other, the pathways may be little close. But the pathways of “Sipping tea” and “Reading newspaper” will be more closely connected as the events have taken place concurrently over a period of many years.

Soon you will find yourself feeling uncomfortable missing tea while reading the newspaper or sipping tea without the newspaper!

Then you blame your mind and habits. But wait, you should instead scientifically change your closely connected neuropathways by disaligning your closely connected habits that bring you discomfort.

That’s not of course easy to do. There’s where you need something called “Energy”. Since it was energy that created the patterns, it is energy that will dissolve them.

This energy is very much the missing link. Our science has progressed a great deal in making advancements related to matter. But they haven’t been able to “seek energy”. To seek it, an atom must explode completely. Then E=mc2 is released. Even the subatomic particles must explode totally to release a quantum of energy which is tremendously huge. If even the energy of a single atom can be wholly tapped then …!!!

Here is the missing link between science and spirituality. They seem to be opposites but are in fact two opposite sides of the same coin.

In Mythology, we consider Shiva and Shakti as opposites. Shiva is matter. That which is not in reality. Shakti is energy. That which is not in falsehood. Shakti is extremely REAL.

That’s why uncontrolled Shakti or Energy becomes destructive. An example of this are the explosions of WWII.

The support of Shakti is Shiva or the empty container or vessel. This vessel must be so pure that it seems nonexistent such that it can “hold” or “wield” the Energy. Consider the atom. It is Shiva. It is like a vessel. Inside it is Shakti or tremendous energy.

Everything is made of particles. If something is not a particle, it is energy. Even vacuum is energy.

The people who meditate do so to touch this inner reservoir of Shakti. But to hold her, they have to “become Shiva”. The process of becoming Shiva is in fact the process of making your neuropathways pure. When this happens, you really become aware of the truth and “the science inside you” transforms into the spirit.

This blog is a holistic attempt to “unlearn” the learned truths and make the earth truly happy.